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Are you looking for the Best price to ship your letters and packages to your friends and family in India? Or Are you simply looking for the nearest DHL office To Your house or office? Well, you came to the right place! For over a decade, Neighborhood Parcel of Tewksbury MA has been serving our growing Indian migrants population in Massachusetts with all their international shipping service needs to their mother-land: India

Unlike, we do not use Bait & Switch tactics, we do not charge hidden fees or add accessorial charges later after you process your shipment! Often, we are told by our loyal clients that our international shipping rates are very competitive and save them $$ over our competition!

DHL shipping rates to India

Discounted Shipping Rates To India

Neighborhood Parcel has pre-negotiated DHL rates that you will find very affordable, considering that we do all the work for you and take guessing out of your shipping service! Once you visit our location in Tewksbury MA, minutes from Lowell, Dracut, Billerica, Andover, Wilmington, Haverhill, and Lawrence MA, you will see the service difference over! The task of International Shipping is not a Dot It Yourself (DYI) project, mostly when you later discover that you paid more than what you have paid at Neighborhood Parcel a DHL full-service center! We do all the data entry and walk you through the complex world of international shipping step by step! You will also benefit from using our DHL wholesale rates.

5 Reasons Not To Use

  1. A complex Navigation system on their portal will often lead to confusion, mistakes, and additional surcharges. Selecting the wrong harmonized code can lead to additional taxes and broker fees.
  2. Additional Charges, according to terms of use, they have the right to bill you for any additional handling, and accessorial fees and you give them your full consent to do so when you agree to their terms of use and Tariff. These fees can go from $10 to Hundreds of dollars.
  3. The Online Discount is not the final price! Most clients will be surprised that the $75 dollar estimate turned into $160.00 overnight! Often DHL will round the size up and the weight adjustment can drive the cost higher. If you do not prepare the correct export document, the fee alone is $25.00 for a redo.
  4. Avoid Paying Pickup fees, depending on your area, you can be saving $15 to $25.00. Furthermore, DHL drivers are not very dependable, they will often end up not showing up on time or not at all.
  5. Customer Service, unless you have ample time to wait on the phone, customer service in the U.S is very slow to respond mostly due to the pandemic and the low staffing levels.

I always had a feeling that my Credit Card was never safe on and reading this article assured me that Neighborhood Parcel is the way to go for my next shipment to India. This time, I will pay cash so I do not have to worry about additional hidden fees from DHL.

Darar Patel | Andover MA

So What Is The Best Way To Ship To India

The answer is clear, DHL has the best coverage and fastest network in India, they have office staff in all major cities and towns and can get the delivery made in 3 to 15 Business days depending on your exact location in India. Remote locations obviously take longer because of the difficulty of the terrain and the additional transit times. We caution against using any website portals for processing and doing the shipping Face To Face at a DHL office center like Neighborhood Parcel and try to pay cash, so your credit card will never be billed in the future and assessed additional fees.

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