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Looking to save up to 40% Off Retail rates? Or for ways to reduce your international shipping expense? Businesses and Boston MA area residents are alarmed by the increased International Shipping Rates. While DHL offers the most reliable delivery service for international shipments, they tend to have the highest shipping charges, mostly to remote areas in Africa and Asia. Furthermore, these rates keep going up every year by an average of 5-7% to keep up with inflation. So here are a few tips that can help you reduce your DHL shipping charges by almost 40%!

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DHL Shipping Rates Reduction Tips

  1. Always use the smallest packaging available. DHL rates are based on the cubic footage you use, in other words, don’t ship a feather in 2 Cubic foot boxes! Don’t get charged for airspace in your box. This is a clear case of size matters! Neighborhood Parcel will be happy to provide you with the right size packaging and guide you through the process.
  2. Consolidate as much and as often as you can, why send two boxes if you can send one? By consolidating the packages, you are reducing Residential and accessorial surcharges. You pay one surcharge instead of two. It is proven to cut costs by almost 60%.
  3. Use a DHL shipping center like Neighborhood Parcel that offers discounted DHL rates because of the shipping volume we do with this carrier.
  4. Ship as a hold for pick up at DHL shipping center instead of residential delivery whenever possible. You will be eliminating the residential surcharge of up to $8.00 per delivery. Most of the African addresses and some Asian locations are so remote anyway that it is better to have the letter or DHL shipments be collected from the nearest DHL office.
  5. Watch out for remote area surcharges! DHL remote delivery charges are around $35 / Shipment! Ship to Metropolitan areas whenever possible.
  6. Don’t waste your money sending items that can be confiscated or on the DHL prohibited list.
  7. Know your risk! International Customs can charge you Brokers fees, and duty taxes if you do not complete the Commercial Invoice properly.
  8. If you ship to a bad address, you will be responsible for address correction fees and rerouting charges. Also, you will have to pay to return the Undeliverable shipments to you. So always verify the Consignee’s address and get a valid phone number.
  9. Alert the Consignee that Duty Taxes (if assessed) are his or her responsibility and to get ready to pay.
  10. You will pay the same rate for a letter of up to 1/2 Lbs, so make sure to get your money’s worth!

You can always call Neighborhood Parcel at (978)851-0199 to get advice or a DHL shipping Rate. Our Office is conveniently located at the address below and we are happy to assist you with any shipment from anywhere in the U.S. We have a vast network of other carriers like FedEx, Air Cargo, Ocean Freight, and UPS.

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