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DHL International Shipping Services And Rates

International Shipping

Businesses and Boston MA area residents are alarmed by the increased International Shipping Rates. While DHL offers the most reliable delivery service for international shipments, they tend to have the highest shipping charges, mostly to remote areas in Africa and Asia. Furthermore, these rates keep going up every year by an average of 5-7% to keep up with inflation. So here are few tips that can help you reduce your DHL shipping charges by almost 40%:

Free Consolidation Service.

Volume Discounted Rates.

DHL Wholesale Rates.

Air Cargo Service

Our Cargo International service can deliver to almost anywhere in the world, including large and heavy-weight shipments. From palettes to large air cargo container shipments, we got you covered! Get our lowest price the first time! No hidden fees and no gimmicks! No matter where you live, in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, you can access our quick and affordable DHL courier services by calling us at (978)851-0199 or request a DHL shipping Rate Quote.

Decades Of Experience.

Pre-negotiated wholesale rates.

Customs Clearance Assistance.


You can ship your valuable documents and parcels using the cheap Post Office Priority Mail or Express Mail but you will soon find out that you did not only lose your money but your mail and package could also be lost as well! Mostly when you mail your documents to undeveloped countries in Asia, Africa, or Latin America, the tracking of Our DHL Express International service is no different, as you can track and follow any parcel you post via our tracking tool, even if you are sending a package to the other side of the world.

Accurate Online Tracker.

Great Value for the money.

24/7 Customer Service.

Timely Delivery

International delivery times, of course, vary, depending on the destination you are shipping to and where your parcel is going to. When you book the DHL Express International service with us, you can expect the same shipping times as you would get booking with DHL directly, but for a fraction of the retail/ book rates that DHL.com charges! You will be eliminating Pick-Up fees and delivery delays because of possible failure to document your shipment correctly.

Address Verification Audits.

Specific Estimated Delivery Date.

Clearance Process Assistance.

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